Video Transcript

Beans & Brews Coffeehouse Franchise Opportunity

Melanie Jorgensen: I think once you’ve tried Beans & Brews, you will never go back to anything else, it’s so good.

Franchise Owner: Because it’s a good quality roasting process that creates a good tasting coffee.

Melanie Jorgensen: I fell in love with the coffee and the environment, and it just was pretty natural for me to choose it. Going to work every day in an environment that I love was a really good decision for me.

Annie Thomas: My customers are amazing. Building relationships with them and the community is probably the best thing.

Franchise Owner: Customers have been so good to Beans & Brews, and they just love the brand.

Michele Sauk: My favorite part about the customers is that they’re just as excited to see us as we are them. We just thought that maybe we would have one store, and then once we saw the growth and what it can do, it was like that’s where we realized, wow, we could really create something different from this.

Melanie Jorgensen: From the very, very beginning, from reading over the franchise agreement, choosing out your color and your model and your location, I’ve had a hundred percent support.

Franchise Owner: Beans & Brews has always been there for us, and I think in the future they’ll always be there for anyone else.

Melanie Jorgensen: I’m really pleased that we made the decision to open our first franchise, and I’m so excited to open more from here. I think the investment was worth it. Completely changed my life. I’m so much happier than I was doing a nine to five. I get to put my own creativity into it and my own heart into it, and I absolutely love it.