Building a successful food or coffee franchise is no easy task, and it doesn’t come without its challenges. But when you see success like these first time Beans and Brews Coffeehouse franchisees have experienced after only two weeks in business, it makes the long hours worth it, as these brothers found out firsthand.

A family passion for coffee

The Williams Brothers

Justin and Tony Williams recently opened their first Beans and Brews Coffeehouse location in West Haven, UT, with high hopes of being able to duplicate the same success that their Utah-based franchise has enjoyed.

The Williams brothers have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so when Justin and Tony opened their first Beans and Brews Coffeehouse franchise in West Haven, UT, they were excited to begin developing the business. One of the things that makes them stand out from other new coffee franchises is their passion for the product they’re selling – they both love coffee and know the product well. Justin has explored coffee culture while traveling abroad and is one to always set up meetings at a coffee shop.

Passion pays off

Justin and his two brothers, Tony and Jon were born and raised in West Valley City, Utah. Both brothers were introduced to the brand and its culture while working at the Beans and Brews in their hometown of West Valley. Tony was employed at the West Valley location for 2 years while still in high school while his brother Jon was employed at the Murray location for about 4 years.

“I remember asking the owner at the time how to open a store when I worked there. You could say it’s been a dream of ours.” – Tony Williams, Franchise Owner

Justin and brother Tony first talked about franchising a Beans & Brews about 10 years ago but didn’t have the cash or the capital.

A big part of keeping their dream alive was their mom and she has been a continued source of support over the years in developing a coffeeshop. The combination of loving coffee, familiarity with Beans & Brews, and their continued interest of serving others made this venture a win-win for the family. They also love the Beans and Brews story and how it was born and bred in Salt Lake City, just like they were. The Williams’ have always been regulars at Beans and Brews; getting coffee before and after work and on the weekends. They’ve always supported and viewed Beans and Brews as a local business that they’ve loved and preferred for years. The brothers are now very happy to be a part of the Beans and Brews family. 

This passion for business and coffee, has led to some impressive opening sales figures, with their average daily sales 120% higher than the franchise location average opening sales from the past two years. Their current location recently ranked 11th out of 38 in average franchise daily sales. With plans for future expansion and continued success, the sky is the limit for this entrepreneurial duo.

Coffee is just the beginning of what sets Beans and Brews apart

There are mountains of opportunity to be a part of our expansion and be the first one to bring Beans & Brews to a new market. We are the perfect fast food franchise for veterans, new entrepreneurs or those looking for a muti-unit opportunity. Look at just a few of the things that set us apart:

  • Multiple dayparts, breakfast, lunch & snack time
  • Simple menu with high profit margins
  • Flexible prototypes to fit consumer & real estate demands

Think you have what it takes? We are currently seeking franchise partners.

There’s plenty of opportunities for those willing to climb the mountain and stake their claim. If you meet these requirements, it’s time to talk.

  • $275,000 minimum investment capital.
  • $325,000+ Total Net Worth
  • A passion for guest satisfaction and service to your community.

If you are interested in owning a Beans and Brews Coffeehouse and joining our team, just fill out the form below to connect with a member of the Franchise Development Team