Melanie Jorgensen remembers the first time she set foot in a Beans and Brews and there hasn’t been a week in her life that she hasn’t been to one since. “I was 18 years old and I used to get my coffee at 7-Eleven and one of my best friends said, ‘Hey, you gotta try this new place.’ I just, I fell in love with the coffee and the environment.”

From that point on, Melanie says the choice was a natural one. She finds going to work every day in an environment that she loves was one of the best decisions she ever made.

After weighing the options, the choice was clear

Despite loving the Beans and Brews brand, Melanie didn’t just jump in, she examined all kinds of food establishments like McDonald’s, Wendy’s and 7-Eleven before settling on the QSR coffee franchise she loved “I just preferred the Beans and Brews business model and I like the environment way better than fast food. A coffee experience is very different than a fast-food experience. So, to me, it was just more like home, more artsy, fun and calm, and not so greasy and stressful.” She added.

Better coffee was only the beginning

Melanie’s franchise ownership journey began with a tour of a Beans and Brews. During the tour she learned even more about the Beans and Brews roasting process and how it sets them apart from other coffeehouse franchises. Roasting the coffee beans too hot or too long results in scorched or “baked” coffee. To avoid this, Beans and Brews roasts their beans at the lowest possible temperature for the least amount of time. In the high, thin air of their mountain roast house, this process is much easier. The result is a smoother, more intense flavor as Melanie learned. “When you go to another bigger establishment or someone that doesn’t care as much, you’re going to get a bitter, less quality-tasting bean. So less quality coffee.”

After learning the secret to the perfect cup of coffee, Melanie was ready to get started. From the very beginning of her Beans and Brews Franchise ownership experience, she was in continual contact with an extensive support system. “From reading over the franchise agreement to choosing out your, your color and your model and your location, I’ve had 100% support. I mean, my idea was to get away from the big city and live in a smaller community, and they started throwing possibilities at me. I started looking at different options and possibilities and they held my hand the whole way through”. Melanie stresses that her support continues even to this day and she never feels alone with access to the answers she needs, when she needs them. “When we finally opened, they were there to construct it and make sure my machines ran right and to train me on the machines. And then they helped me with the hiring process and with the training process. Even daily if I have a question, I can email, text, call and I’ll get an answer same day. So, I’ve always had support from corporate”.

A life changing decision that’s highly recommended

With an incredible cup of coffee that sells itself, an exceptional support system and a business model that sets you up for success, the reasons to become and Beans and Brews Franchise Owner keep adding up. You’ll find mountains of opportunity when you become a part of the Beans and Brews Coffeehouse expansion and you could be the first one to bring Beans and Brews to a new market. But don’t take our word for it, just listen to Melanie. “I’m really pleased that we made the decision to open our first franchise and I’m so excited to open more from here. I think the investment was worth it. It completely changed my life. I’m so much happier than I was doing a nine to five, working for someone else. I get to put my own creativity into it and my own heart into it and I absolutely love it”.

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