The aroma, the artfully crafted coffee and the ambience might be enough to perk your interest, but consider the numbers: $845K Average Net Revenues for the top 50% of Beans & Brews® Franchise Owners in 2020. As a top coffee house franchise headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Beans & Brews brings a great deal to the table for Franchise Owners—as well as employees and community.

Customers Appreciate Our High-Altitude Roasting™ Difference and Business Opportunity

Beans & Brews is all about the flavor. We roast our coffee at 4,400 feet above sea level, in Salt Lake’s mountain valley. The result is a smooth intensity that simply doesn’t compare to traditional low-altitude roasted coffee. Today, you’re not likely to find coffee with such deliciously smooth consistency elsewhere. Nor will you find a similar coffee house franchise in the QSR market.

Born and bred in Salt Lake City, Beans & Brews aims to go beyond its mountain town origins and bring the values, sensibility and care they built, to mountain and lowland markets alike. Now you have an opportunity to bring our high-quality, high-altitude roasted coffee to a new market.

“I would definitely recommend Beans and Brews to someone looking to start their own business. They’ve got a great business model; it’s easy to follow and it’s a great brand. I love it. It’s a fun job working with customers and people who love coffee.”

– Melanie Jorgensen, Beans & Brews Franchise Owner, Vernal, Utah

Employees love working here-the community loves visiting here

As a sit-down and drive-through coffee house franchise, Beans & Brews is decidedly different-it shows the moment you enter the doors.

It’s an especially welcoming environment that invites the community in and allows tor community interaction and gathering-unlike a drive-through only concept. We deliver what customers want-good food and drinks in a friendly setting. So friendly, in fact, that one customer came to study and was so impressed, she became a Franchise Owner herself.

Do employees love their job? The answer is always a resounding, “yes!” They get to know their regulars and love crafting delicious coffee drinks. And we all know that happy employees add up to retention-and that’s always good for business.

“When I first started working here, I absolutely loved it. And after a while, I started to get to know my managers and co-workers and shared the same philosophies. That’s what made me want to turn it into a career.”

– Beans & Brews Employee, Salt Lake City, Utah

Franchisees are doubling down on their investment

When it comes to Franchise Owners, they are extremely happy. They possess leadership, passion and a community connection. They take pride in the products they serve, providing jobs in the community and being a cozy meeting place for book clubs, studying, coffee dates and working. And they would invest all over again-like owners Michelle and Matt Sauk.

“We just thought that maybe we would have one store, and then once we saw the growth and what it could it do, it was like that’s where we realized, “Wow, we could really create something different with this.”

– Michelle Sauk, Beans & Brews Franchise Owner, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bottom line? Beans & Brews Coffeehouse gives Franchise Owners an advantage over other QSRs in Utah and beyond-with proprietary high-altitude roasting, a welcoming environment for employees and the community, and a healthy revenue potential.

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