No one can deny that the last couple of years have been tough on businesses. Each category has faced its own unique challenges but while other franchise brands may be declining and shrinking, Beans & Brews is poised for future growth. With a recent investment from the private equity firm Charger Investments, we are uniquely positioned to be proactive rather than reactive to a dynamic business environment. And people seeking the ideal franchise are starting to take notice.

A military veteran recognizes an opportunity to get in on the ground floor

Kelly Zaugg is not new to the franchise arena. With over 21 years’ experience in running a fast-food franchise, including two locations, he knew a good thing when he saw one. After doing some research on Beans & Brews, the first thing he noticed was the intentional way proactive processes were put in place and how this training was passed on to ensure franchisees could create their own success.

Kelly Zaugg, Beans & Brews Franchise Owner, Weber County UT.
Kelly Zaugg, Beans & Brews Franchise Owner, Weber County UT.

After the first meeting with the Beans & Brews Management Team and ever since, I’ve felt this was the right decision.”

– Kelly Zaugg, Beans & Brews Franchise Owner, Weber County UT.

Prior to Franchising, Kelly was a police officer and a reserve sailor. He served in Iraq and other locations overseas and still serves as a Navy Officer Recruiter, so teamwork and accountability are part of his DNA. His desire to serve locally and nationally nudged him in the direction of franchise ownership with Beans & Brews, a 3-star VetFran member which offers a discounted franchise fee to veterans.

Pivoting in a positive, new direction

While franchising with another brand Kelly said he found the professionalism, organization, expertise, support, training and marketing programs all “refreshing” in comparison to his previous experience with other fast-food franchises. As a result, he decided to sell one of his holdings and is now converting this remaining restaurant to a Beans & Brews. The process of converting his existing fast-food franchise to a Beans & Brews Coffeehouse and the pride of bringing this concept to his community has himself and his family really excited. His teenage kids love Beans & Brews and as a veteran owned business with deep roots in the community, he expects the rebranding to be smooth sailing.

An ideal business for attracting and retaining employees

The “great resignation” has led to employment challenges for businesses of all types. With more employment opportunities to choose from, employee recruitment and retention are a hot topic. And as Kelly has seen, this can pose its own set of challenges.

As an owner of another fast-food franchise, fryer and grill based fast-food has become increasingly undesirable to attract and retain potential employees to work.” Kelly Zaug, Beans & Brews Franchise Owner, Weber County UT.

Without the need for fryers, grills or other typical fast-food equipment, along with a simple menu and the appeal of being able to make a hand-crafted coffee drink, Beans & Brews is quickly becoming an attractive option for those seeking a fun and rewarding job. As a result, this pleasing and fun work environment helps to find and retain engaged employees.

 “I love getting up in the morning and clocking in at Beans & Brews.”

– Beans & Brews Barista

Tired of working for someone else?

The appeal of Beans & Brews ownership is not lost on those looking for freedom from the typical 9 to 5 and the pride of business ownership. The satisfaction one receives when you work for yourself and see the success of building and growing your own business is just one of the many reasons those looking for a change can find with Beans & Brews. While you’ll certainly experience the independence you’re looking for; you won’t have to go it alone.

At Beans & Brews Coffeehouse, we care about what we serve – a lot. We roast all our beans at our Salt Lake City headquarters and put tons of thought and effort into training, so each staff member delivers the perfect cup every time. Our comprehensive support is always in place and is there for you every step of your franchise ownership journey. When you succeed, we all succeed.

We think it’s time for you to bring the mountains down to your neighborhood.

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