We're looking for adventurous people with a passion for leadership.

Adventurous People
Grow Your Own Franchise

There are plenty of opportunities for those willing to climb the mountain and stake their claim. The ideal franchisee candidate has:

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Franchise Process to Ownership

1. Interest
Submit Inquiry and let's get to know one another to determine if we are a great 'fit' for each other.
You will get to know the B&B Life
2. Franchise Disclosure
The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provides prospective franchisees with information about the franchisor, the franchise system, roles of each party, business model and provides the agreements which will be signed if offered the opportunity.
3. Application
In addition to being aligned with our core values, we require application items to ensure qualifications and investment requirement.
4. Due Diligence
We will discuss lending, Franchise Owner Validation and define an Area of Development. We will also take a deep dive into the brand, expectations and offering.
5. Summit Day
Prospective owners visit stores and the corporate office to meet the support team and ensure mutual agreement.
6. Franchise Approval
Once you've been approved by the leadership team, you will be provided with your franchise agreement. By signing the franchise agreement, you'll officially be a member of the Beans Team.

Timeline to Opening your
Beans & Brews Coffeehouse

8-18 Months
Overview of steps in the timeline to opening your Beans & Brews Coffeehouse in 8-18 months

Franchise Awarded

Congratulations, welcome to the Beans family! You’ve made your initial investment and we are excited to get your coffeehouse open. You will be rewarded with access to the Beans & Brews Admin site where you will discover the heartbeat of the operation, operations manual, policy manual, current and archived news, training videos, and much more. It is best to start reviewing as much material possible while searching for the perfect site.

Site Selection and Approval
(usually 1-6 months)

A local broker, selected by us, will work with you and our team to find best location(s) based on Beans & Brews specific site criteria and approval. This process may be quick with an existing site, a site that is under construction, or a longer process of a site that is being built from the ground up.

Lease Negotiations
(1 - 3 months)

Once the perfect site has been identified, we will work with you and our broker to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the developer or Landlord. We will advise you and assist with negotiating the lease rate, the lease term, and the Tenant Improvement (TI) allowance. We have quite a bit of experience over 30 years negotiating leases, but we always recommend counsel review prior to lease signing.

House Design and Marketing
(1 week)

The Beans & Brews marketing team will review with you the House design elements, including furniture, fixtures, and the art package. The team will also review the marketing plan and Grand Opening plan prior to opening.

Architecture and Construction
(4 - 6 months)

The Beans & Brews construction team will create a floorplan, including design elements, that will be passed to an architect/engineer who will provide stamped architectural plans. Once plans are complete, we will assist you with obtaining bids for construction. Once the General Contractor (GC) has been selected, they will submit plans to the building and health departments for review and permit approval. The Beans & Brews construction team will oversee all aspects of the project to ensure your House is being built according to plans and Beans & Brews standards. Once construction and inspections are complete, a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) will be issued, and the House is ready to open.

Training and Store Set Up
(1 - 2 months)

During construction, owners/operators will work and train with our Franchise Operations team online, at the corporate office and at an open store for live in-house training. The Beans & Brews construction team will assist you with getting quotes and ordering furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) from approved vendors. Upon construction completion, you will be assisted with equipment store set up, merchandising, and stocking your coffeehouse. Next, the staff will be thoroughly trained at your site by you and the Beans & Brews franchise operations team.

Store Opening

Congratulations! The staff is trained, the House is merchandised, and the open sign is on; you are now serving the finest coffees, teas, and cocoas available to your community.